1. UPDATE from Kyle

    So I’m sure if you’ve stuck around and still follow us, you know that we don’t answer questions often and if anyone answered questions it was Massey because I never came on this site for the past 1.5 years. I just wanted to let you guys know that I spent that time finishing my bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical Activity, with a specialization in Wellness, so I guess I had a good reason to ignore this site.  Now that I have taken lots of health and fitness classes and have a degree in the related field, I can come back to this blog and help you guys even more with your health and fitness related questions.  I’m not a certified personal trainer or dietitian/nutritionist so whatever I say is not a prescription but a suggestion that you don’t have to follow.

    tl;dr Kyle is back, with a sweet bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical and Activity, and can help you with health and fitness if you ask for it.

    Ask us lots of questions, tell your friends to follow us, and spread the word!


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  2. Anonymous said: hey, what do you guys think about hot yoga? do you think it helps with weight loss and changing your body, because i keep hearing different things..

    Hot yoga was created so as you’re doing yoga, your muscles are always warm and limber so you can do the different poses more easily.  It became a fad via Hollywood because people thought if they weigh themselves before the class and weigh themselves after the class and see a change in weight, it must be working.  This is a fallacy.  As soon as you drink fluids and rehydrate, all of that weight will be back on.

    If hot yoga is something you only do occasionally as something to change up your workouts, I say go for it.  If it is something you want to do consistently to lose weight, I say don’t waste your time.


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  3. Anonymous said: Hey guys, help me out here. In my family i am forced to fast for this particular religious festival this time of year. i don't believe in it, but i'm stuck with it till i can move out and follow something i actually believe in. Anyway, I work out regularly, eat healthy, and i've been losing weight steadily over the last couple of months! I'm very proud of myself, but this month i have to fast from 4am to 9pm everyday. How do i continue to lose weight and exercise without water or food :(

    I’m really sorry I’m responding to this so late (this ask was sent 2 years ago):

    It sounds like you’re talking about Ramadan. You can still expect to lose weight even if you are fasting for the majority of the day.  There is a diet plan you can look up called “intermittent fasting” which I think is closely related to the practices of Ramadan and I think it will help you stay on track.

    As for the not drinking water part, I think you’re allowed to drink water all through the day.  If your parents don’t approve of you drinking water, do it anyway because water is necessary.  Sneak a drink from the bathroom sink if you have to.


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  4. Anonymous said: i've read on here a lot that you should alternate what you workout every other day. does that go for cardio stuff too? i walk/jump rope like 5 or 6 days out of the week. is that ok?

    Walking every day is great and I don’t think you should limit the amount you walk unless a doctor says otherwise.  Jumping rope can eventually take a toll on your knees and shins but if you like doing it and you can do it multiple days a week, do it as much as you can tolerate it.

    As for alternating workouts, it is best to give yourself at least 48 hours between the same workout (leg day, 48 hour period, leg day).  What you’re probably thinking is rest between any workout like an upper body day and a lower body day which isn’t necessary.  I, along with many many others, will do something like lift 2-3 days in a row, rest a day, then go back into the 2-3 days in row routine.


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  5. Anonymous said: What back/shoulder workouts can I do at home? I had to cancel my gym membership, so

    Push ups, pull ups, chair dips, grab a random object from around the house or outside and lift it in the different ways you would if you were at the gym.  The possibilities are endless and you can find a lot of different ways to do outdoor and at home workouts through Google or Youtube.


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  6. Anonymous said: thoughts on cycling for weight loss/ toning up legs?

    It can be a good workout if you combine it with weight training and having a healthy diet.


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  7. Anonymous said: Hey there. I am a freshman girl in college, and I have played soccer all of my life. I recently stopped and only play for fun now, and realized I only know basic running and ab work outs to remain in shape, not to get stronger. I have no idea how to go about getting stronger overall. Anything you suggest?

    Coming up with a workout plan for an individual requires a lot of interviewing and brainstorming, so here is an alternate that will help: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/find-a-plan.html .

    This site is great and can help you find a workout plan that is specific to your wants and needs.  I hope this will help.


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  8. Anonymous said: Hi, I'm a quite slim girl and weight about 105.. And I'm not looking for losing weight or anything I just wanna get a bit toned up, I got a bit of a muffin top on the middle of my stomach and like a bit fat at the top inner thighs that I wanna get rid off :) any tips ? Also how often should I start out, I haven't had a workout in years (since I quit sports). Should I work out like 2 days a week, 3 or like every other day? I already eat healthy. Thanks :)

    If you’re looking to get “toned”, my best advice would be for you to start working out on a consistent basis.  Try to go at least 2 days a week to start out and then add days as you feel, shoot for 3 or 4 days.  To get that more “toned” look, start adding in weight training and doing some form of cardio to your workouts.  You can find plenty of information on bodybuilding.com about different weight training programs (it’s not a site made for meatheads, female friendly).  And don’t shy away from the free weight area! I know there are a lot of muscular guys in that area and some of them are douche bags, but most people over there are harmless and it can be a fun environment to get in better shape.

    Another thing I would suggest is putting yourself into a calorie deficit (calories consumed < calories burned).  If you are looking to get rid of your muffin top or any other unwanted fat, you will have to lose overall body fat, (there is no such thing as spot reducing), and this is best done with a combination of weight training/cardio and being in a caloric deficit.  Try to cut maybe 500 calories from your diet and make sure you’re eating good foods consistently and track your foods on an app like “Myfitnesspal”.  Also do not go under 1200 calories because that is when it becomes dangerously low.

    Hope this helped.


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  9. xpensive-queen said: I would like to have your opinion on my workout routine. So 4 days a week (in a row) I thought about doing cardio on the treadmill, walk 5 minutes run 10 minutes and then walk for another 5 minutes. On the next 4 days I would do 50 crunches, 20 sit ups, 20 push ups, 30 sec to 1 min plank and 50 flutter kicks, 30 sec to 1 min side plank. Do you think this is fine or should I add something else?

    Depends on your goal.  In my opinion it is a bit too much cardio and not enough lifting.  You’ll most likely end up looking more skinny than you will ‘tone.’  Also 50 crunches are too much.  Remember, muscle burns fat all day and while you sleep, running only burns fat at that moment.  Add a bit of weight lifting in that if you have access to it.

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  10. Anonymous said: I ran track and cross country in high school, so I was in pretty good shape, but since college I've but on a little fat in my mid section. I'm trying to lose some of thag fat, maybe get my abs back, and put on a little toned muscle. Any advice?

    Do some weight lifting and do similar things that you did during track season.  Have you seen D1 track athletes?  They are so shredded.

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